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Incidence of Peri-implant Diseases on Implants With and Without Laser-Microgrooved Collar: A 5-Year Retrospective Study Carried Out in Private Practice Patients

Renzo Guarnieri, MD, DDS1/Maurizio Grande, DDS2/
Francesco Zuffetti, MD, DDS3/Tiziano Testori, MD, DDS4

The Impact of a Laser-Microtextured Collar on Crestal Bone Level and Clinical Parameters Under Various Placement and Loading Protocols.

Renzo Guarnieri, MD, DDS1/Mario Serra, MD, DDS2/Luca Bava, MD, DDS2/ Maurizio Grande, DDS3/Davide Farronato, DDS, PhD4/Vincenzo Iorio-Siciliano, DDS, PhD5

Carico occlusale immediato di impianti Tapered Internal Laser-Lok® nelle riabilitazioni di edentulie parziali: studio clinico e radiografico a 24 mesi

M. Grande, A. Ceccherini, M. Serra, L. Bava, D. Farronato, V. IorioSiciliano, R. Guarnieri

Clinical radiographic and aesthetic evaluation of immediately loaded laser micro textured implants placed into fresh extraction sockets in the anterior maxilla. A 2-year retrospective multicentric study

Renzo Guarnieri, MD, DDS, Roberto Placella, DDS,† Luca Testarelli, DDS, PhD, Vincenzo Iorio-Siciliano, DDS, PhD, and Maurizio Grande, DDS

Immediate occlusal loading of Tapered Internal LaserLok® implants in partial arch rehabilitations a 24 months clinical and radiographic study 2013

M. Grande, A. Ceccherini, M. Serra, L. Bava, D. Farronato, V. Iorio Siciliano, R. Guarnieri

Immediate versus Delayed Treatment in the Anterior Maxilla Using Single Implants with a Laser-Microtextured Collar: 3-Year Results of a Case Series on Hard- and Soft-Tissue Response and Esthetics

Renzo Guarnieri, MD, DDS, Fabrizio Belleggia, DDS, & Maurizio Grande, DDS

Influence of a Laser-Lok Surface on Immediate Functional Loading of Implants in Single-Tooth Replacement: Three-Year Results of a Prospective Randomized Clinical Study on Soft Tissue Response and Estheticsbro del team

Renzo Guarnieri, MD, DDS1 Maurizio Grande, DDS2 Stefano Illopiti, DDS3 Vincenzo Iorio-Siciliano, DDS, PhD4 Francesco Riccitiello, MD5/Davide Farronato, DDS, PhD6

Histologic evaluation of bone healing of adjacent alveolar sockets grafted with bovine and porcine derived bone: a comparative case report in humans

Renzo Guarnieri, Patricia DeVilliers and Maurizio Grande

Single-Tooth Replacement in the Anterior Maxilla by Means of Immediate Implantation and Early Loading: Clinical and Aesthetic Results at 5 Years

Renzo Guarnieri, MD, DDS; Alessandro Ceccherini, MD, DDS; Maurizio Grande, DDS

Valutazione comparativa dei livelli dell’osso marginale e delle condizioni dei tessuti periimplantari tra impianti singoli a collare laserizzato conici vs. cilindrici: risultati a 5 anni

Renzo Guarnieri, Fabrizio Belleggia, Maurizio Grande, Vincenzo Iorio-Siciliano

The impact of a laser-microtextured collar on crestal bone level and clinical parameters under various placement and loading protocols

M. Serra, L. Bova, D. Farronato, V. Iorio Siciliano, M. Grande, R. Guarnieri

Clinical and radiographic outcome following immediate loading and delayed loading of single-tooth implants: Randomized clinical trial

Bjorn Gjelvold, DDS1,2 - Jeno Kisch, OD.h.c, DDS1 - Bruno Ramos Chrcanovic, DDS, MSc2 - Tomas Albrektsson, MD, PhD2,3 - Ann Wennerberg, DDS, PhD2

A Prospective Clinical and Radiographic Assessment of Platform-Switched Laser-Microchannel Implants Placed in Limited Interimplant Spaces

Myron Nevis, DDS1 - Sonia Leziy, DDS2 - Eric Kerr, DDS, MS3 - Ulrich Janke, DDS6 - Giulio Rasperini, DDS5 - James Hanratty, DDS6 - Kirk Pasquinelli, DDS7 - Tiziano Testori, MD, DDS8 - Cary A. Shapoff, DDS9 - David M. Kim, DDS, DMSc10

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